It is our passion for C3's Children's Ministry to provide a loving and accepting atmosphere where children will encounter the LORD and Savior, Jesus Christ. We pray that every little one He sends us will Connect to God and others, Commit to serve in the body of Christ, and Catch the lost.

Here at C3, kids move along the process of discipleship in our Bible Blitz program. They CONNECT to God and others through Bible Blitz at 10:30am Sunday mornings. They COMMIT to serve using the gifts God has given them. They CATCH by inviting their friends to C3.

For more information about C3's children's ministry contact Lori Dwight.

For more information about C3's nursery and preschool ministry contact Tami Kirkland.

Discipleship @ Home

At C3 we believe God has called parents to be the primary disciplers of their children.  No one will spend more time with a child than their parents.  This is why it is vital that parents take seriously their responsibility to teach their children about the gospel and God's word.  To aid parents as they seek to disciple their children C3 is providing two resources through The Gospel Project.  The first is a set of flashcards that are perfect for reviewing Bible stories taught on Sunday mornings.  The second is an app that includes the video from each Bible story as well as games, puzzles, and more to help kids remember the story.  Join us in fighting for the hearts and minds of our children as we seek to disciple our kids at home.